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Hi, I am Elizabeth Rodenhizer!  I know that’s a mouth full so feel free to call me Liz!  I’m a Maryland wedding and portrait photographer that loves cooking, entertaining, crabs (what Marylander doesn’t!?), extra-large sunglasses, loud lipsticks, volleyball, German Shepherds, jock jams, and photography.  I have known I wanted to be a photographer since the day my dad gave me his Minolta 35mm camera and showed me pictures that he had taken as a teenager of him and my mom.  I took photography classes in high school and was lucky to have an amazing teacher that taught me the fundamentals of photography.  I went on to take photography courses at AACC and graduated from UMBC in 2009 with a Bachelors in Photography.  


I have photographed from Maryland to South Carolina, to Mexico and Jamaica.  It is my dream come true meeting new people and being trusted to capture some of the most important moments in their lives.  I love getting to know and become friends with my amazing couples and clients I have the honor of working with. 


My love to photograph, explore and do new things keeps what I photograph open ended.  My passion to create and capture beauty goes beyond only photographing weddings,familys and documenting important events.  I also have an ongoing series throughout Baltimore of panoramas called Graffiti 360.  

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  Phone:  443-790-1140

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